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Reporting is an essential aspect of credit card processing for businesses, providing valuable insights into their sales and transaction data.

Below are a few reasons why the reporting tools provided by Excel are so important for its customers:

Financial Analysis
Reporting allows businesses to analyze their sales and transaction data to gain insights into their financial performance.

Fraud Detection
The tools we provide can help businesses detect unusual patterns or activity and identify potential fraud by customers and/or employees.

Customer Behavior
What’s more important to a business than to analyze its sales to gain insights into its financial performance? Businesses can track trends, identify growth areas, and make informed decisions based on the data provided.

Balancing a business’s books and accounting for all sales processed is paramount. Our reporting tools help businesses ensure they’re getting paid properly for all earned sales.

Reporting tools provide businesses with transparency in their transactions, including fees and charges associated with our service! This information allows businesses to ensure they’re being charged accurately and can help them manage their business accordingly.

All processors we work with provide reporting tools, including some that provide access to data in real-time.


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